Monday, October 28, 2013

Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween - Part 2

In my last blog post, I offered some pet safety tips with regard to human Halloween treats and holiday decorations.  Let's consider some other scary thoughts.

Haunted Houses
Halloween night is full of all kinds of sights and sounds, everything from doorbells ringing with trick-or-treaters shouting out to lights flashing.   Follow your pet intuition closely.  If your pet is timid or easily frightened by loud or repetitive noise and shies away from unfamiliar people, it is best to secure your cat or dog in another part of your home.  Likewise, if your pet has a history of trying to escape from your home, do not leave them unattended as they make dart outside when you go to answer the doorbell.  Under these circumstances, place your furry friend in a closed-off bedroom with music playing or the television on at a volume that drowns out the festivities going on elsewhere in your home.  

Pet Costumes
If your pet is a social butterfly and likes to dress up in costume, go for it.  If you’re unsure (especially if you have a new puppy or kitten), it’s highly recommended that you test the costume out before Halloween night.  Any costume should fit with ease and your pet’s movement should not be constricted or hindered.  He/she should be able to breathe freely, and have no obstructions in front of their eyes or by their ears that could impede their vision or hearing.  Excess cloth or material should not dangle from the outfit as your pet may get twisted or caught up in it, which poses a safety threat.

Upon trying on the costume, if your pet looks uncomfortable and/or tries to wiggle out of it, consider something simpler instead, like a colorful hat with a bandana for some flair.

Whether your Superhero will present himself as the Dog of Steel or your cat poses as Kitty Perry with a promise to Roar out loud, have fun creating their Halloween persona. To maximize both their and your own enjoyment, put some thought into what your pet’s Halloween experience will be prior to October 31.  It should prove to keep them safe so you can enjoy their company for many days to come.

Have a safe and happy Halloween with your pets!

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